The National Heritage Resources Act of 1999(Sec. 33 – 38) proclaims that all structures older than 60 years falls under the category General Protections.

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The act prescribes in Part 1: Formal Protections (Sec. 27 – 32) 30. (1) A provincial heritage resources authority must compile and maintain a heritage register listing the heritage resources in the province that it considers to be conservation-worthy in terms of the heritage assessment criteria set out in section 3(3) and prescribed under section 7.

It is a founding objective of the George Heritage Trust:  “To identify, evaluate and record buildings of historic, cultural, architectural or community value in terms of the national legislation and subsequent provincial regulations. To assist the local authorities to get this legislation working on all levels. To provide research and help to the public who enquire and to heighten awareness and encourage active support of the preservation and importance of our heritage sites.”