As prescribed by the NATIONAL HERITAGE RESOURCES ACT of 1999:

Archaeological means –-
(a) material remains resulting from human activity which are in a state of disuse and are in or on land and which are older than 100 years, including artefacts, human and hominid remains and artificial features and structures;
(b) rock art, being any form of painting, engraving or other graphic representation on a fixed rock surface or loose rock or stone, which was executed by human agency and which is older than 100 years, including any area within 10m of such representation;
(c) wrecks, being any vessel or aircraft, or any part thereof, which was wrecked in South Africa or in the maritime zone of the Republic, any cargo, debris or artefacts found or associated therewith, which is older than 60 years or which Heritage Western Cape considers to be worthy of conservation; and
(d) features, structures and artefacts associated with military history which are older than 75 years and the site on which they are found.

Paleontological means any fossilised remains or fossil trace of animals or plants which lived in the geological past, other than fossil fuels or fossiliferous rock intended for industrial use, and any site which contains such fossilised remains or trace.